How can we help your work performance and overall well-being?

Get out of pain and discomfort, release stress, tension, and improve overall well being.

All these factors contribute to improving work efficiency.

• Help your employees become more aware of their posture when they are sitting at their desks, on their feet all day and or spending hours hunched over emailing and texting,doing heavy lifting, or giving presentations.

• Improving posture also helps to increase confidence, improve vocal production and engage an audience, all important in terms of how your team interacts in meetings, presents information, and communicates with clients


The Process

• Program Tailored to Your Needs & Goals: In collaboration with your company,  Heather will devise a program suited to the organization’s needs and goals.

• What You’ll Learn: Verbal and hands-on guidance as well as video and picture analysis will be used to help participants change their postural habits when sitting, standing, walking, and performing job-related tasks

• Benefits: Reduced strain-related pain (neck, back, shoulder pain and other strain issues), reduced stress and fatigue, increased confidence, and improved vocal production, breathing, and ability to communicate in meetings, giving presentations, and speaking with clients.

• Evaluation: In the case of group classes and package programs, metrics to measure success will be established at the beginning, middle, and completion of the process. Participants are taught techniques for self-sufficiency, self-care, and functional movement in order to reduce musculoskeletal pain, tension and stress. Their relief from pain and improved posture helps them to feel more alert and energized and gives them the stamina in order to perform their job at their best.