Give us the wisdom to teach our children to love, to respect and to be kind
to each other so that they may grow
with peace in mind.

Teachers can feel overwhelmed, and stressed due to the demands of being an educator. If you have felt any of this then we invite you to join Heather and her colleague, Debbie Romero, and experience the Mindfulness in the Classroom program.

As a recipient of the “Make it Happen” (@Pathforyou) grant the teachers and students will have the opportunity toward creating classroom environments that are more calming and stress free for both student and teacher.  Providing teachers with tools to support and empower the students to develop positive outcomes and to motivate them to do their best work.

Cultivating mindfulness is the quality of attention and awareness that provide practical tools to help children and teachers to manage stress. In order to calm down and alleviate worry and become more aware and  focused, and will help improve overall achievements.  These are just a few of the benefits.

By following a regular practice of these techniques, the mindfulness program in school will provide opportunities for our school family to practice self-care skills, better emotional regulation and support mental, emotional well-being throughout the school community.

This practice will not only help on a weekly basis but having these tools and techniques will last a lifetime and can be utilized in all walks of life and endeavors.

Contact Heather if you are interested in bringing Mindfulness in the Classroom to your school.